The Noob Hat

I love the Peak District, if I could run away and live somewhere forever it would probably be the Hope Valley. If you haven’t been and you’re a fan of the great outdoors you should go immediately. At the end of May, Alex and I are off to hike and wild camp the 100 miles of the West Highland Way, so we needed to practice walking up some hills and (as I remembered rightly from the Red Bull Steeplechase) there is no better place.

Still need convincing? Take a seat, peruse some photos and marvel at my gigantic gloves.

Day 1: The ridge line from Lose Hill to Mam Tor.

We walked back to Hope via Castleton and visited the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, creators or the multi-meat yorkshire pudding and the spicy sausage pie (beloved by Laura who just can’t keep away).





Day 2: The Pennine Way (not all of it, its 267 miles) and Kinder Scout

If there is one way to signal yourself as a notorious noob, it’s wearing Peak District branded gear you’ve had to buy from the National Trust shop at the start of the Pennine Way because you have seriously overestimated how warm its going to be.




There are the noob gloves! There would of been a lot more crying without them so thank you Peak District shop. Not quite cold enough for the noob hat yet. Kit Shack kindly sent me the tropical buff (you might recognise it as the one I’m wearing in the photo Simon took at the finish line of the SDW50). It saved me from freezing to death then and was extremely useful again on this trip. What can I say, I love buffs. Who doesn’t love buffs?



There it is! The noob hat!  and the summit of Kinder Scout. Take all of your clothes, it started snowing when we were up there.




Alex watched a lot of walking Youtube videos leading up to this trip and was determined we would descend via Grindsbooks Creek. The top was a bit of a precipice and I was thinking there must be a nice path instead. Alex rightly pointed out there seemed to be a steady stream of under 10’s walking up so I should probably man up and start climbing down.

In my defence it was storming at this point and the rocks were very slippy.




Day 3: The Lady Bower Reservoir

If you walk to the top of Win Hill there is a Roman Road that follows the ridge north. The views from up here are incredible. You can then walk down to the reservoir visitor centre (enjoy a panini surrounded by over-confident ducks), cross over the river and walk along the east side all the way down to the dam.









I’m very sad to be home. Three weeks till the West Highland Way!


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