Guest Post: Run to the Beat 10km

A few weeks ago one of my top faves Jordanne ran her first proper race, the Sure – Run to the Beat 10km.

Last I heard Run to he Beat was a Nike event and twice as long. This year Sure has taken over as chief sponsor and the race has been cut down to 10km. Intriguing. After hearing four of my very good pals (Rach, J, Laura and Asha) had signed up for it I asked J if she wouldn’t mind penning a few words on her experience. Jordanne went on to conquer the race and achieve a new PB of 01:11:14

Take it from here JBalls:

When Asha suggested running this race, I was apprehensive to say the least. It would be my first proper race and the furthest I would have ever run. Training mainly involved building up time on my feet through the ‘10kFree Pink’ phone app a few weeks before the race. Having never run that far before the whole thing was pretty daunting and as much as I enjoy running I’m not the most natural runner. I decided to just take my time and do my best. I wasn’t going to worry about running the whole thing, I would just be happy to complete it.

From left to right: Asha, Jordanne, Laura, Rachael




Run to the beat took place in Wembley was very well organised. We were split into coloured corrals based on predicted finish time and the start was staggered. After having to stop and walk a couple of times in the first 5km I soon found my stride and was extremely pleased to run all of the last 5km and every hill! The race was chip timed and a text was sent with our times following the race, which I thought was amazing and kept it very personal. There were loads of photographers on the course and we were sent our photos via email the next day. Not that I particularly want a photo of myself all red and sweaty! Though there were stages playing music (great when you went past them), the majority of the course was quiet so I was glad to have remembered my own music.

Sprinting across the finish line I was both surprised and delighted with my time. Now I know exactly what I’m aiming to beat on my next 10k. Some would argue Run to the Beat is pretty expensive for what it is I would definitely do another big event like this. In my opinion, the extra money you may pay is worth it because of the organisation, the feeling of being a part of something and the support you get all the way round. Getting my first proper medal was nice too!


All in all, a great day

JC x

You can find out more info on the Sure, Run to the Beat 10km here 

[Polly again] One last thing, Jordanne also make gorgeous jewellery so I would definitely recommend checking out her work.


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